Dec 7, 2020
Get assistance with walker; plug in the new saw

Fruit crop later than normal. Here it is Oct. 10, and we are still selling Jonathans off the trees. Goldens are coming in as are Jonagolds. Early and mid Fujis came and went. Late Fujis are next. I wish I had more early red Fuji cultivars. They were prettier. Grannies are as green as can be.

Jerry Mills
Modification to an all-terrain walker to allow a taller person to use it without having to hunch over. Photo: Jerry Mills.

Tool of the month: The need for it came sooner than expected – a wheeled walker. I can walk quite well for about 50 yards, even further with a cane, but then my system runs out of steam. However, pushing a shopping cart in a big store is different. The problem seems to be the effort maintaining balance while moving. This is a common problem for people with Parkinson’s disease. That, plus congestive heart failure, makes real pulmonary exercise difficult.

This is not an ordinary walker. It has four wheels, 8 and 10 inches in diameter, large enough to navigate uneven surfaces, plus brakes and a seat.

The biggest problem is that the handles are too short to stand fully upright when using it. The solution came when I spotted a piece of steel conduit in the shop. I made a copy and fastened the two on the walker and presto, I can walk straight again!

My goal is to do serious exercising before winter sets in and see if there cannot be improvement.

Needs lights, turn signal and horn.

Tool of the month No. 2. Heart problems and family edicts prevent me from using a gasoline-powered chainsaw. I did not argue with them. However, they said nothing about electric chainsaws, so I got one, the cheapest, Stihl. Cuts well and limits working time to battery endurance. I hope to take it flying in the pruning tower to open up aisles so bigger tractors can get through.

Last month I shattered a back glass quarter panel while spraying. It costs $430, for the glass, about the same price as the saw.

Anyone thinking of using one for serious cutting should buy the more expensive version.

Politics: I somehow got on both parties mail and email mailing lists. You will not believe how much they are pestering me for money. We voted early so it was easier to say “Already voted. You’re on your own, Bub.”

Jerry Mills, Mills Apple Farm, FGN columnist


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