May 23, 2017
Michigan SmartZone Small Business of the Year Award goes to Vestaron

Vestaron has won the SmartZone Small Business of the Year award from the state of Michigan. The state is divided into 20 Smart Zones, and a representative from each was vying for the title.Vestaron was presented with the award at a gala in Lansing with several hundred attendees on May 4.

CEO of Vestaron, John Sorenson, said “It’s a huge honor and I couldn’t be prouder of the people who have contributed every day to make us worthy of this award!”

Using a new mode of action and innovative technology, Vestaron, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan developed the Spear brand – natural bioinsecticides that effectively fight crop-harming insects.

According to a news release, the new dual mode-of-action bioinsecticide from Vestaron Corp. called Spear offers “an effective and sustainable biological control solution for pests in ornamentals, vegetables and fruits in field and greenhouse settings.”

The first offerings are Spear-T for use in controlling greenhouse pests in vegetables, and Spear-O for pests in ornamentals, with commercial availability expected through major distributors in 2017. These products target major greenhouses pests including thrips, whiteflies and spider mites.

“All Spear bioinsecticide products offer the consistency and effectiveness of synthetic chemistries combined with the safety of biologicials,” the news release stated.

The Spear product line is designed to be non-toxic for fish, birds, humans and other mammals, honeybees and other beneficial insects. Vestaron is also expecting commercial availability for two more products – Spear-P, and Spear-C – in 2018.

Spear-P uses a combination of Spear and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to target the Colorado Potato Beetle. The two modes of action inherent in Spear products plus Bt give Spear-P three distinct ways to kill target pests.

Spear-C protects crops from lepidopteran pests and also utilizes a Bt formulation.

“We are excited to expand availability of our Spear line of sustainable products, starting with Spear-T and Spear-O,” said Sorenson. “These effective pest control products have no known resistance, are easy to use and effectively target insects while remaining non-toxic for humans and the environment. This makes them the perfect pest control tool for growing operations around the country.”


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