Jan 17, 2020
Pathway BioLogic acquired by recently formed Plant Response

The recently formed biological joint venture, Plant Response, is acquiring applied microbial science company Pathway BioLogic to expand its portfolio of robust biological products offered to the agricultural industry.

Plant Response was formed by combining the former Plant Response Biotech, with expertise in screening plant responses to biologicals at the cellular level, and Koch Biological Solutions, which offers deep scientific capability relating to biological modes of action at the genetic and whole-plant level.

Tom Warner, Plant Response chairman of the board, said Pathway BioLogic, based in Plant City, Florida, will enhance the joint venture with industry-leading fermentation capabilities, robust manufacturing and commercial product skills. That experience, he said, will bolster Plant Response’s ability to create value for channel partners and farmers in multiple categories, including intrinsic yield improvement, abiotic stress tolerance, increased nutrient use efficiency and enhanced plant innate immunity.

“With the addition of Pathway BioLogic, the new Plant Response will provide unparalleled expertise in the discovery, formulation and commercialization of a broad array of science-backed products within the ag biologicals space,” Warner said. “We will offer multiple technology platforms such as live microbes, extracts and biosimilar molecules to solve growers’ targeted issues. To our knowledge, no other ag biologicals company combines these powerful capabilities into one entity that is working to bring the science of nature to growers across the globe.”

Tom Snipes, Plant Response CEO, noted that in 2016 Koch Biological Solutions acquired a minority stake in Pathway BioLogic. “We could not be more excited to build on what Koch initiated, and many on the combined team have deep working relationships,” said Snipes. “This investment will enable us to move forward together quickly on multiple levels, including R&D, joint development opportunities, manufacturing and commercial activities.”

Michael Gans, co-founder and director of operations of Pathway BioLogic, said his company is pleased to join Plant Response because of its impressive agronomic and commercial capabilities. “The ability to expand Pathway’s commercial reach and be part of a broad product portfolio was a great incentive to become part of the Plant Response team,” he said.

Gans noted that Pathway is distinguished by its products’ efficacy, ease of handling and shelf-life stability. Pathway offers differentiated plant growth-promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), which produce enhanced root growth and early growth establishment. These product formulations, which are currently marketed, are compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and chemicals and may be used in conjunction with Plant Response products in the future.

The addition of Pathway will expand Plant Response’s multi-site operations to Plant City, Florida, complementing the recently added Koch Biological Solutions R&D site in Hayward, California, and the well-established EMEA R&D and commercial operations in Madrid, Spain.

Plant Response is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.



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