May 30, 2018
Rat birth control product offered in California

SenesTech Logo (PRNewsfoto/SenesTech, Inc.)

SenesTech, a pest management company, will present a rat birth control product at the Pest Control Operators Of California (PCOC) conference, held June 20-22 in South Lake Tahoe.

The product, ContraPest, targets the reproductive capabilities of Norway and roof rats. As a highly palatable liquid, the formulation promotes sustained consumption by rats, helping to reduce fertility in both male and female rats, bringing populations down and keeping them down.

“The origins of the PCOC are a grass roots effort to force the industry to adopt stringent standards of professionalism in an industry and at a time when there were few standards,” said Loretta P. Mayer, co-Founder and CEO of SenesTech. “To this day, a central tenet of their code of ethics is ‘to render pest control service in a safe and efficient manner with due consideration for its possible effects on the environment.’ This makes the PCOC conference an ideal place to introduce ContraPest to the California market.”

ContraPest can be used within Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to help reduce reproduction and magnify the success of IPM protocols or as a standalone, non-lethal solution for customers that are looking to reduce or eliminate the use of lethal methodologies.

“At the PCOC, we will have immediate access to every major pest manager in California, and every distributor servicing California. I expect this conference to be extremely productive,” said Joe Malinowski, VP of Sales for SenesTech. “The timing may work out such that we can begin shipping product to our initial customers and stocking orders that same week.”

The delivery system is designed to minimize handler exposure, and ContraPest is dispensed inside tamper-resistant bait stations, minimizing the risks to non-target species.

ContraPest is a Restricted Use Pesticide, due to applicator expertise. For more information visit the SenesTech website at

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