Sep 25, 2017
Valent U.S.A. launches Sustainable Solutions Business Unit

Walnut Creek, California-based Valent U.S.A. has launched its Sustainable Solutions Business Unit, a new division within the company that is dedicated to supporting the industry in the adoption and integration of sustainable production practices for crop protection, productivity and yield enhancement products and technologies.

Ron Maitoza, the newly appointed director for the Sustainable Solutions Business Unit, will lead 10 sustainable solutions specialists from across the country.  Together, they will work with established customers and key stakeholders within the industry to provide education and technical support to accelerate the adoption of integrated crop management solutions that include both traditional and biorational systems.

A company that specializes in biologically-based crop protection and enhancement solutions, Valent and its parent company, Sumitomo Chemical, have held a commitment to sustainability and the concept of integrated production practices.

“Valent and Sumitomo are unique in our industry, because we have a long history of significant and balanced investments in marketing and research for both traditional and biorational crop solutions,” said Matt Plitt, Valent executive vice president and COO.  “A commitment to sustainability is at the core of our business, and the formation of a dedicated business unit underscores our intention to play a leadership role in supporting the evolution of sustainable production practices in the agriculture industry.”

This new business unit is among the latest commitments to sustainability made by Valent and its parent company Sumitomo Chemical, following a global endorsement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals made by both companies.

“With seasoned expertise in sustainable agricultural practices, we are investing in our company values, talent and business structure to align with the future of North American agriculture and, ultimately, the prosperity and success of growers, ” added Ron Maitoza. “Our business unit will work hand in hand with industry to provide new tools and information to growers in order to support sustainable food systems.”

For more information on Valent, visit or contact a local Valent sales representative.

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