Dec 15, 2022
World Bee Project honors Ukrainian apiary operator

The World Bee Project has honored AmoHive, a Ukraine apiary operator, for its technological innovations in helping Ukrainian beekepers

AmoHive, a World Bee Project technology partner, was recognized with the 2022 European Bee Award for “Innovative and Technological Solutions”. The award recognizes the firm’s advanced 3-D training delivery technology that can be used by Ukrainian beekeepers and apiary operators to promote and protect the long-term viability of bees and pollinators in the midst of war-related damage.

A particular focus has been placed this year on projects that use new technologies and new applications of technologies to allow bees and other pollinators to be better protected from the impact of farming operations, according to a news release.

A “smart” beehive is a system of scientific bee care designed to closely monitor and manage conditions in hives. While traditional beekeepers might visit each hive weekly or monthly, “smart” hives monitor colonies 24/7, and so can alert beekeepers to the need for intervention as soon as a problem occurs. The AmoHive smart hive innovation is a leap ahead of existing smart hive technology, according to the release.

Combined, The World Bee Project and AmoHive bring creativity, science and technology, extensive knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the problems of the beekeeping industry in Ukraine.

“It is a well-established fact the vital role bees and other pollinators play in the viability of our world moving forward, no less so than in war-damaged Ukraine,” Sabiha Malik, World Bee Project’s founder and executive president, said in the release. “The European Bee Award recognizes practices and innovative ideas in agriculture that most contribute to maintaining good pollinator communities in Europe’s farmed landscapes.”

“Recognition of the 3-D technology provided by AmoHive with this award is a direct acknowledgement of the important role they play in helping Ukrainian beekeepers and apiary owners as they protect and promote beekeeping in the region today and through rebuilding once the war is over. We are honored to partner with AmoHive to offer beekeepers in Ukraine direct long-term support in rebuilding their apiaries and livelihoods.”

AmoHive is an international team of electronic engineers, computer scientists, programmers, and business analysts, based in Ukraine and Poland. It was founded in 2015 by Igor Kurdin. AmoHive has created controllers, multi-platform software, production and accounting systems, analytical tools, and algorithms to optimise production services.

The World Bee Project CIC uses AI and advanced technologies to monitor pollinator and biodiversity declines from a global perspective to seek long-term solutions to benefit nature and people. It co-creates data-driven solutions and adaptively designs and co-implements solutions, focusing on the interconnections between bees and people in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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