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On-farm weddings can be stressful, profitable

"Destination" weddings are popular these days, whether on cruise ships, beaches, remote islands - or farms.That's right. Many couples would rather sup... READ MORE »

Civil rights report makes recommendations

When the Michigan Civil Rights Commission released a report in March on the living and working conditions of migrant and seasonal workers in Michigan,... READ MORE »

About Vegetable Growers News

For more than 50 years, Vegetable Growers News has served as a powerful and reliable resource for vegetable growers across the nation. Published nine ... READ MORE »

Has Peruvian Asparagus Peaked?

Four years ago, Peruvian asparagus growers were feeling pretty confident -- and for good reason. Their industry had grown exponentially since 1991, wh... READ MORE »

Growing Better Carrots

Back in the good old days, carrot growers in Michigan didn't need to grow perfect carrots. They had a pretty good market for cull carrots, as the stat... READ MORE »

Tomatoes and Peppers Need Safe Handling

Tomatoes and peppers are under the food safety microscope, and growers need to do everything they can to keep the image clean. Leslie Bourquin, an ass... READ MORE »

Early Tomatoes Come From Careful Nurturing

If you are shooting for the early tomato market, you'll plant an early variety, maybe 63 days. There is very little you can do to get that tomato ripe... READ MORE »

Labor Audit a Nightmare Scenario for Farm Market

Abigail Jacobson didn't want to spread doom and gloom, but she had a story to tell about Friday the 13th that would scare the pants off any farm marke... READ MORE »

Earworm Becoming a Legitimate Threat for Sweet Corn Growers

The image of corn earworms floating on the winds is a bit tough to handle, but, of course, it's not the worms themselves that float. It's the moths th... READ MORE »

Michigan Green Bean Broker a Vegetable Industry Leader

You've heard about people who don't know beans. Vic Shank is not one of those. Not only is he the president of the Michigan Vegetable Council, a leade... READ MORE »

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