South Florida Farmers Feel Heat Over the Cold

As the thermometer dips toward freezing, Florida's citrus and strawberry crops could be at risk in one of the longest stretches of chilly weather in years. The Miami Herald Click here to read the rest... more »

Farmers Work Overnight to Save Crops from Cold

Strawberry farmers across the Bay area are monitoring conditions as temperatures dip dangerously low, threatening hundreds of acres of crops. WTSP Tampa Bay, Fla. Click here to read the rest of the story. more »

Hispanic Farmers Fight to Sue USDA Over Lost Land

In their straw hats, rolled up sleeves and work boots, a dozen or so Latinos gathered by a field of ripening strawberries still look like farmers. All but one of them, however, have lost their... more »

Strawberry Season Starts with a Lesson on Food Safety

Strawberry pickers started the season with a tailgate event this year, but it wasn't a party. Workers got "tailgate training," a food-safety program in the fields developed by the Strawberry Commission. Monterey Herald Click here... more »

A Busy Road Saves Strawberry Farm

Location, location, location. As cliched as it might sound, it's a big part of what's kept the Thompson family growing strawberries in southeast Wisconsin for about seven decades. Right next to a four-lane state highway... more »

Business Files Help Growers Find a Niche

You own some land in North Carolina. You're trying to figure out what to do with it. You've considered growing some sort of crop, but what should you grow? And will anyone buy it? If... more »

New Fumigant Rules Could Put Some Growers out of Business

EPA released its newest rules for applying soil fumigant pesticides a couple of months ago, and growers are still trying to figure out what the rules mean for them. Some things are certain: The new... more »

Soil Fumigants Under Fire

On the front page of this issue, you'll see a story I wrote about EPA's impending soil fumigant pesticide rules. The story delves into some of the obstacles fumigant-using growers will be facing soon, such... more »

Tunnels Take Advantage of Off-season Markets

About 90 people went to a field day at North Carolina State University's Piedmont Research Station in May to see what researchers there have learned about growing strawberries under high tunnels. The field day audience... more »

Specialty Growers Hustle, Hope

Strawberry fields are rotting. That's not a morbid twist on a song lyric by the Beatles. It's just one of the issues confronting Arkansas' specialty growers. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Click here to read the rest of... more »

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