Award-winning Farm Market Puts Emphasis on Education

Weston Red Barn Farm puts an emphasis on authenticity. The farm has an old-fashioned feel to it, and that's no accident. Brick and lumber are used instead of concrete, and power lines are buried underground.... more »

Emperor of Mirth Keeps the Fun Coming

Bill Bakan takes fun so seriously at Maize Valley Market & Winery that he refers to himself as the Fun Czar. Besides being serious about fun, he had other reasons for adopting the title. First... more »

Reason Restrictions Reduced

Growers looking for top-of-the-line disease control have greater flexibility in 2008, thanks to significantly reduced plant-back restrictions for Reason 500 SC fungicide from Bayer CropScience. Beginning this season, any crop on the expanded Reason label... more »

Pollution Rules Squeeze Strawberry Crop

Edgar Terry says the biggest threat to his hundreds of acres of strawberries isn't bugs or bad weather. Newsday more »

Strawberry Growers Hope Hard Freeze Doesn’t Damage Crop

Strawberry growers hope this week's hard freeze won't damage their crops. NBC Augusta more »

Strawberry Growers Say Rules on Pollution Will Choke Production

Grower Edgar Terry says the biggest threat to his hundreds of acres of strawberries isn't bugs or bad weather. more »

Fresh vegetable harvested area down 3 percent from last year

The prospective area for harvest of 11 selected fresh-market vegetables during the winter quarter is forecast at 173,700 acres, down 3 percent from last year. Acreage declined for broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, sweet corn, head... more »

Extension Losing a Personal Touch in Pennsylvania

This is the seventh story in a series about the future of Extension. The image of the county Extension agent riding in a pickup all day, visiting local farmers and doling out general advice, doesn't... more »

A Way to Reduce Pesticides on Berries

Husein Ajwa is a different kind of soil chemist. The University of California Extension specialist has been experimenting for years on ways to reduce the use of methyl bromide in strawberry fields. more »

Growers Experiment with Planting Fall Strawberries

Louisiana strawberries in November? It's becoming more common as strawberry growers in southeast Louisiana experiment with new plants. Louisiana strawberries in the past were usually available between March and May. more »

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