Wholesale Apples Give Way to Variety, Agritainment

For 30 years, Peter Barton was a commercial apple grower with 200 acres of apples. "It was easier then," he said. "We were properly equipped, our minds were focused and we worked on a schedule."... more »

Straw ‘Tractor’ Hauls in Customers

Gro-Moore Farms claims to have the largest John Deere in North America. It's about 18 feet tall and 30 feet long. An "unbelievable" number of people have taken pictures of it. There's one drawback, however.... more »

Bush Wants Immigration Reform By End of Year

President George Bush is committed to reforming the "problematic" immigration system in the United States by the end of the year, said Mike Johanns, secretary of the USDA. In order to do that, however, the... more »

Phase-Out Continues; Critical Use Exemptions Continue

An international environmental agreement that may be the most successful of its kind in human history – a model of cooperation and achievement – continues to beleaguer farmers, who are having problems meeting its idealistic... more »

Family Grows ‘Best Lettuce in Central Texas’

Susan Staub grows the best lettuce in central Texas, and she's not shy about saying so. "Our lettuce is superior to any other bib lettuce out there," she said. "People just flip over the color."... more »

Immigration Concerns Are As American As Apple Pie

Spring is just around the corner, which means one thing to a farmer. It's time to revisit our fields and orchards in preparation for the growing season ahead. For fruit and vegetable growers, however, spring... more »

Utah Farm Wants to Renew Interest in Strawberries

Maple Mountain Greenhouse and Strawberry Farms has a pretty good motto: "Our berries are so sweet, you'll think we dipped them in sugar." Owner Mark Van Wagoner credits the sweetness of his berries to central... more »

Pennsylvania Leads Nation in Rescuing Farmland

It wasn't Jane Gordon Fletcher's fault she got rich. Over the years since her birth in 1901, the value of the family farm near Malvern, Penn., just kept rising as people pressure from Philadelphia, 24... more »

FDA Releases Final Rule on Nutrition Labeling

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, perhaps we should eat a bigger apple. That seems to be a conclusion American consumers have reached. One of the most noticeable changes in the Food... more »

Oklahoma Farm Shows Kids How Things Grow

Search the Internet with the phrase "starting a farm" and you'll be given 37 million pieces of advice. Weeding out the good advice from the bad and the practical from the impossible seems as though... more »

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