Fresh vegetable harvested area down 3 percent from last year

The prospective area for harvest of 11 selected fresh-market vegetables during the winter quarter is forecast at 173,700 acres, down 3 percent from last year. Acreage declined for broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, sweet corn, head... more »

Food Safety, Labor and Fuel Costs Dominate Shipping

The Vegetable Growers News interviewed a handful of experts to get their perspectives on recent trends in vegetable shipping. Labor Everyone agreed the industry needs an adequate legal labor force. The availability and cost of... more »

Extension Losing a Personal Touch in Pennsylvania

This is the seventh story in a series about the future of Extension. The image of the county Extension agent riding in a pickup all day, visiting local farmers and doling out general advice, doesn't... more »

Vegetable Seeds Have to Stand Out From the Crowd

If there's an industry trend seed companies can agree on, it's that vegetable growers are looking for something different, something that makes their products stand out from the crowd. Reed's Seeds, based in Cortland, N.Y.,... more »

$80 Oil Might be a Great Incentive for Needed Change

I got a phone call recently from a man I hadn't seen in 20 years, and it was delightful. "Remember me?" he asked. Nobody ever forgot him. Now age 90, I knew he was retired... more »

Pike Place Market Celebrates a Century in Seattle

Pike Place Market turned 100 this year. I didn't know that when I was planning our honeymoon, but it turned out to be a convenient coincidence. It gave me an excuse to write this column.... more »

Fidelity Investing in Mass.-Based Tomato Company

Fidelity Investments is betting that tomatoes will help ripen their profits. Eyewitness News more »

FDA Program Assesses Virginia Tomatoes

Ponder food safety, as we tend to these days, and tomatoes don't readily come to mind -- unless you are at the Food and Drug Administration, which launched a Tomato Safety Initiative in Virginia in... more »

Farm Programs Produce Offbeat Vegetables

Dewey heads of lettuce are being delivered to shareholders of community supported farms this summer, along with fresh tomatoes for sauces, squash for sauteing and mizuna for ... ummm, what's that for? Forbes more »

Tomato … Strawberry … of Straw-Mato

Gardeners and scientists alike are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how a Sandy woman says she found a strawberry growing inside her tomato. ABC4 more »

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