Apr 7, 2007
Santa Could Have Been a Farmer

Santa’s ingenuity, integrity and contribution to society would suggest he might be a farmer in his off-months, or at the very least a reindeer rancher. Here are a few clues (from an unknown author) that suggest Santa could be a farmer.

1. He works all year, just to give his stuff away.

2. He knows how to get by with the same equipment season after season.

3. He works outside, even in bad weather.

4. He’s used to getting in and out of tight places.

5. He covers a lot of ground in a hurry when the pressure is on.

6. He takes care of the needs of the whole world.

All joking aside, in this season’s spirit of giving, I cannot help but think about the gifts the men and women in agriculture give to the world. Every day farmers and ranchers across the nation give their time, talents, labor and equity to supply the world with food and fiber. It is often a thankless job, and most times it is often a profitless job.

National Farmers Union (NFU) is thankful for American family farmers and ranchers and their untiring contributions to our country and world. In the coming year, NFU will continue to make sure their daily sacrifices to provide safe and abundant food and to protect our nation’s natural resources do not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

NFU wishes each of you a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year for rural America.

Happy holidays!

Dave Frederickson is president of the National Farmers Union.

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