February 2005

  • Asparagus Collaboration The threat of offshore fresh asparagus imports is bringing North American asparagus growers closer together.
  • Assistant Editor No Stranger to the Industry What goes around comes around, they say. But is it progress when you end up so close to where you started?
  • Go-Getter Family Builds Vibrant Market For Bill and Michelle Bakan of Maize Valley Farm Market in Hartville, Ohio, just being big farmers wasn’t going to save the farm. They needed to sell something that made more money than corn and soybeans.
  • President Bush Vows to Push Immigration Reform It’s been more than a year since President George Bush announced his immigration reform proposal, and the U.S. Congress has yet to take action on it. That might change during the president?s second term.
  • Staff Writer Not Afraid to Ask Questions Don’t know much about agriculture. I think that’s from a song or something. Whatever. The point is, I don’t know much about fruits and vegetables.

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