Mar 31, 2021
BPS Agriculture promotes science and soil Specialist to VP of development

BPS Agriculture has elevated David Coorts to vice president of technical development.

BPS Ag, a Texas-based, diversified agriculture holding company currently incubates three start-ups: Verano365, Farm Shield and PureAcre. The entities utilize the firm’s proprietary carrier technology to enhance agriculture input performance. Coorts initially joined Verano365 as a technical director in 2019, and he now oversees technical development for all three companies.

David Coorts

“Dave’s advancement is a well-earned recognition of his steadfast efforts that have placed BPS Ag on a solid foundation. Since 2019, we’ve expanded our portfolio of companies from one entity to three, allowing us to participate in specialty horticulture, crop protection, and fertilizer markets,” John Appel, president of BPS Agriculture, said in a news release. “Dave has been instrumental during our launch phase: guiding us through regulatory processes, collaborating closely with research and development, overseeing third-party research, and educating growers and partners about how our technology works. We wouldn’t be where we are without him.”

Coorts collaborates closely with research scientists to formulate horticulture and agriculture chemicals with OpusMAX, a first-of-its-kind, water-based chemistry that facilitates the self-assembly of supramolecular structures from active ingredients. Utilizing 35-years of experience in agriculture, Coorts brings a storied and sensible outlook to the BPS Agriculture team where he often analyzes projects from the perspectives of customers to ensure products fit a need in the market and will be easy-to-use.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering results to our partners and growers,” Coorts said. “My goal at BPS Agriculture is to help soften the environmental impact agriculture inputs have on the Earth, while still delivering quality and generous yields to farmers and growers.”

BPS Agriculture has released four products commercially since Coorts’ arrival. Evofactor, Thrivedo, and Nutrivix Zn|Cu from Verano365 are formulated for horticulture use to address nutrient management, yield, and root development, respectively. PureAcre released their first product in early 2021: Augere is a nutrient adjuvant that prevents nitrate leaching and helps growers get the most out of their fertilizer programs. All four products are designed to meet both environmental and economic pressures that today’s growers face.

“With the technology we have in OpusMAX, we see endless possibilities to improve agriculture as we know it, and Dave’s variety of experiences and innate curiosity make him a top-notch navigator as we chart a path forward,” said Appel. “Dave’s role as the VP of Technical Development is to keep us laser focused on where we can make the most impact and prove out each of our new products with scientific best practices and world-class collaborators and researchers.” 

In the last year, the innovations emerging from BPS Agriculture have landed the company on the world stage as a member of the prestigious Rabobank FoodBytes! Pitch 2020 competition in the ag tech category and as a top three contender for the Nutrien Innovation Challenge during the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in February 2021.

Coorts holds a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science from Tennessee Technological University and a Master of Science in Soil Taxonomy from The University of Tennessee. He resides in Argyle, Texas with his wife and has six children and five grandkids.

BPS Agriculture is a diversified agricultural holding company with a portfolio consisting of Verano365, Farm Shield and PureAcre. The company utilizes their proprietary technology, OpusMAX, to create unique products across a number of market segments, including horticulture, broadacre crops, crop protection, and others.

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