May 28, 2020
Emergency use of Tough 5EC Herbicide (pyridate) granted in mint

Belchim Crop Protection USA (Belchim USA) announced May 27 that Tough 5EC Herbicide has been granted a Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption for post-emergent broadleaf weed control in double-cut mint.

State registration has been approved for Idaho, Indiana, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. As of this date, decisions are pending for Michigan and Oregon.

Tough 5EC is a selective herbicide that has proven effective for post-emergence control of actively growing annual broadleaf weeds, including kochia, pigweeds, Palmer, waterhemp, common lambsquarters, black nightshade and marestail. With pyridate as its active ingredient, Tough 5EC provides effective control when used as labeled, even on herbicide-resistant strains.

“This product is a real difference maker for mint growers in the United States,” saidTom Wood, GM for Belchim USA. “With severely limited, and often no post-emergent products at their disposal, mint growers constantly face concerns about broadleaf weeds impacting the quality and yield of their mint oils. We’re eager to be able to provide a solution that helps growers produce high quality mint they can be proud of and that positively affects their bottom line.”

“Growers were relieved to hear of the approval of this emergency usage during the 2020 double-cut mint season,” adds Jeff Benton Pacific Northwest Regional Manager for Belchim USA. “With Tough 5EC, they enter the growing season with confidence and a powerful weapon in the battle against some of the most difficult-to-kill and detrimental weeds.”

For additional information on Section 18 use of Tough 5EC, including the state-specific labels, visit the Belchim USA website,

Belchim Crop Protection NV (Belchim) empowers farmers through innovative crop protection products and high-end technical support. Founded in Belgium in 1987, it is a global company who expanded its presence into the USA, in 2017. With innovative products, a high level of technical support and a focus on development, registration and commercialization, Belchim offers unique agrochemical solutions for today and tomorrow. To learn more about Belchim Crop Protection USA, please visit

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