Jan 11, 2023
EPA proposes rodenticide restrictions

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to impose restrictions on rodenticides, and a comment period on the plan ends on Feb. 13.

The EPA’s Proposed Interim Decisions include:

  • The reclassification of all rodenticides to Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP); and
  • Cancellation of spot/scatter and broadcast applications in rangeland, pasture, fallow land, and in cropped areas including orchards, groves, vineyards and alfalfa.

Above-ground applications:

  • Cannot be made directly to the food or feed crops;
  • Can only be made during the non-growth (dormant) period of the crop;
  • May only be made using tamper-resistant bait stations at these use sites; and
  • Require one year harvest interval for applications made to non-bearing crops.

Milwaukee, Wis.-based Liphatech, which has registered the Rozol brand to control field rodents, including ground squirrels, black-tailed prairie dogs, pocket gophers, rats, mice and voles, is asking users to comment on how the changes would affect them. According to Liphatech, the EPA changes would effectively ban its General Use Rozol Pocket Gopher Bait.

The proposed changes would also mandate new personal protective equipment, including an APF10 half-face elastomeric respirator for loose bait formulations (such as grain baits or pellets), and chemical-resistant gloves that are at least 14 mils. thick.

The changes apply to anticoagulant rodenticides and acute rodenticides, including zinc phosphide, according to Liphatech.

The Rodenticide Task Force has an informational webpage on the changes, including sample letters to submit, at https://www.responsiblerodenticides.org.

The Federal Register page on the changes is online.

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