Jan 27, 2022
Naïo Technologies’ robot in Top 10 New Products at World Ag Expo 2022

Naïo Technologies, the leader in autonomous ag robots, has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and 60,000 hours of operations under real world conditions. With US headquarters located in Salinas, California.

Naïo Technologies has been operating agricultural robots in North America since 2019.

Now, following substantial press coverage at CES 2022, Naïo Technologies is scaling up: its brand-new multi-crop / multi-task robot Orio has been selected among TOP 10 New Products at the recognized World Ag Expo 2022, February 8 to 10 at Tulare (California).
Orio will be revealed at the exhibit space NS4.

Orio, a sustainable robot: the only 100% electric robot of this size Naïo Technologies has been active in the United States since 2019 with Dino, its mechanical weeding robot for vegetables. The company has recently taken things to the next level, with its vineyard robot Ted that was presented during CES 2022, and now with Orio, Naïo’s new autonomous high precision robot, dedicated to large vegetable production.

Orio is a sustainable alternative to the use of herbicides that respects soils, improves working conditions and collects data for smart farming,” Ingrid Sarlandie, COO for Naïo Technologies, said in a news release.

“Orio offers a sustainable, serviceable and smart farming solution combining high edge technology in robotics and AI. We engineered a light electric and autonomous ag. robot for obvious sustainable reasons: no carbon emission, no chemical use.”

Orio, combines the best of technologies: high precision and versatility.

Orio is GPS- and camera- guided, equipped with multiple sensors running on an algorithm based on artificial intelligence. Orio offers a high precision weeding and a very precise guidance of the implements attached in the center of the robot.

Orio can also carry any implement at the rear of the robot thanks to its three-point attachment. For instance, high accuracy seeding is an additional service Orio is providing to growers allowing enhanced results when combined with weeding.

“Our unique AI, concentrating years and many acres of experience, allows us to monitor the robot and implement behavior to guarantee the quality and the reliability of the farming task performed.”

Being electric and autonomous, Orio’s operational abilities are remarkable. It allows to:
●    provide an “as a service” business model to the growers for in-row and intra-row weeding of vegetables and leafy greens as well as precision seeding and fertilizing.
●    be used in fleet, to be adapted to large scale fields and complete their mission in the field at a faster rate.
●    gives full remote monitoring and control to Naïo’s technical team and customers thanks to a set of sensors and artificial intelligence based on the company comprehensive data set.

The supervision system is able to guarantee safety for humans and infrastructure but also to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks the robot is performing.

Assembled in Salinas, California

In response to local market needs and growing customer demands, Naïo has consolidated an office in the United States.  It is located in the heart of California agriculture, the Salinas Valley.  The US assembly of its Orio robots will begin at this location.

Today, its team of 14 employees cover all of California’s growing regions and various ag. industries, including the state of Arizona.

Farmers willing to make demos of Orio can contact Naïo Technologies directly.

A pioneer in agricultural robotics, Naïo Technologies designs, manufactures and markets 100% electric autonomous robots to assist farmers in their daily tasks and thus help lighten the workload, optimize the profitability of farms while limiting the use of chemical inputs.

With 70 employees in 2021, Naïo has currently 280 robots running in more than 20 countries, with a total of 60,000 accumulated operating hours.

More information: https://www.naio-technologies.

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