Apr 8, 2021
Partnership with Nufarm Grupo brings Ampersand adjuvant to Mexico

Attune Agriculture, a developer of performance-based agricultural products using hydrocolloid technology, is expanding Ampersand adjuvant’s availability across Mexico. A new partnership with Nufarm Grupo Mexico as a principal distributor will lead the expansion.

According to a news release, Nufarm has tested Ampersand’s ability to improve the performance of their own actives under a variety of conditions, and is eager to recommend that performance synergy to their customer base. Nufarm will help Attune accelerate the adoption of this new technology throughout the country in a variety of conventional and organic applications.

Ampersand adjuvant works differently than typical surfactants.  Most spreader/stickers rely on droplet spread for leaf coverage. Ampersand’s science based, four-prong approach focuses on drift reduction, increased deposition, evaporation protection and wash-off resistance for performance.

Precise droplet control reduces both small and large droplets, resulting in 3X more tank mix spray to the leaf.  Ingredients that provide adhesion keep those droplets on the target.  Humectants keep droplets in a liquid state, giving actives 2X more time for absorption. The technology also provides 4X the wash-off resistance from rain and overhead irrigation. Though OMRI listed, Ampersand works synergistically with conventional and organic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to maximize the potential of the active.

“We are excited to partner with Nufarm Grupo Mexico. Their significant resources will greatly accelerate Ampersand’s adoption in that country.  It’s a tremendous compliment that a major active manufacturer like Nufarm believes so strongly in Ampersand’s performance that they would want to partner with us to get our technology in as many growers’ hands as possible,” said Greg Andon, CEO of Attune.

For more information on where to purchase Ampersand in Mexico, visit here.

Born from over 100 years of hydrocolloid expertise, Attune Agriculture combines deep roots in food science and agriculture to create products dedicated to providing the world with agricultural tools that are both performance based and safe for the environment and the people who use them.

For more information, please visit here.

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