Sep 9, 2021
Postharvest life extension solution from Verdant receives EPA registration

Verdant Technologies is rolling out its HarvestHold Fresh product life extension solution to the produce industry, after receiving EPA registration in early September.

HarvestHold is a 1-MCP-based post-harvest solution that extends the usable product life of fruits, vegetables and flowers by an average of 40-50 percent and reduces wastage in perishable supply chains. Verdant’s floral life extension solution, HarvestHold Bloom, was made available to global floral markets in late 2020. Verdant plans to offer HarvestHold in all 50 states and many countries worldwide, with product availability following individual state and country approvals.

“We are thrilled to achieve this milestone,” Gordon Robertson, chief executive officer of Verdant Technologies, said in a news release. “This product has been in development for some time and trialed extensively as a solution to decrease environmental losses and increase financial performance for customers in perishable supply chains.”

Verdant was acquired by Gulftech International in June 2021 and has since initiated plans to rapidly scale for growth across the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

HarvestHold Fresh giving growers, distributors and retailers a new tool to ensure their products reach consumers as intended. With the ability to target application, HarvestHold extends product life, reduces shrink and improves profitability for growers and retailers. HarvestHold also helps to lessen negative impacts from wastage, expand markets and opportunities and provide nourishment for more people in more places.

On average, customers can expect a 40-50 percent increase in usable product life and improved color, firmness and quality. HarvestHold has demonstrated promising results in tomatoes, melons, broccoli, papayas, avocados and peaches.

HarvestHold has demonstrated promising results in tomatoes, melons, broccoli, papayas, avocados and peaches.

HarvestHold contains the active ingredient 1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene), which has been used for decades to block ethylene, the natural plant hormone that stimulates the ripening of produce. 1-MCP is approved by the EPA and regarded as safe by the US FDA, the EU and more than 30 other countries around the world.

HarvestHold utilizes a proprietary, patented 1-MCP delivery/activation system that can be printed on a variety of standard packing materials. As produce is harvested, growers/packers insert a sheet of HarvestHold into the box. HarvestHold is activated by natural plant respiration and humidity and requires zero liquid water, special handling or complicated application methods. Ripening slows to an optimal pace and the amount of time the product is viable is significantly increased. HarvestHold can also be reapplied if desired at any point.

“We have focused on freshness for decades and launching HarvestHold has substantial implications for the industry. Improved freshness provides more value and supports a more sustainable future,” says Jon Fobes, chief scientific and technology officer.

Photo at top: HarvestHold Fresh product life extension solution received EPA registration in early September.

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