Nov 29, 2022
UV-C light technology fights pathogens in overlooked areas

SmartWash Solutions, an industry leader in food safety technology, has begun shipping the EPIC Panel Sterilight, a new patent-pending product designed to safely and automatically kill Listeria and other pathogens inside control panels – an often-overlooked source of cross-contamination.

“Food manufacturing companies have long focused on sanitation and pathogen control on equipment that comes in direct contact with produce and other food ingredients,” Christopher McGinnis, director of operations and engineering for SmartWash Solutions, said in a news release. “Yet often overlooked are the dark, damp conditions inside control panels that create a perfect breeding environment for Listeria and other pathogens.

Recalls from Listeria outbreaks have become more and more prevalent and costly. EPIC Panel Sterilight destroys Listeria hidden in control panels, mitigates further growth and spread, and helps companies avoid devastating financial and reputation repercussions from an outbreak.

“A significant risk of cross-contamination to food products occurs each time the panels are accessed for adjustment or maintenance,” McGinnis said in the release. “Using proven pathogen control methods, EPIC Panel Sterilight can now mitigate that risk and eliminate Listeria in control panels to below detectable levels.”

EPIC Panel Sterilight is precisely designed to kill environmental pathogens in enclosed spaces. By automatically administering the scientifically-proven amount of UV-C light and ozone – known disinfectants recognized by the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – EPIC Panel Sterilight ensures daily pathogen abatement and mitigates cross-contamination from control panels, while minimizing impact or degradation on sensitive plastic or electronic components.

Available in 120- or 230-volt models, EPIC Panel Sterilight is designed for easy universal retrofit installation in any food processing facility. A magnetic safety switch protects workers by preventing accidental human exposure to the UV-C light, and ensures a cleaning cycle is automatically initiated after each time the control panel is accessed. Virtually maintenance-free, the long-lasting, low-cost bulbs can be quickly replaced every 6 months, without any production interruption or down time.

“UV-C is a proven and approved sanitation method used for decades in hospitals and medical applications,” McGinnis said in the release. “Safe, automatic and cost-effective, EPIC Panel Sterilight now brings this highest level of pathogen control to produce and food processing facilities, allowing companies to develop a fully robust and comprehensive food safety program.”

SmartWash Solutions provides an integrated package of process control equipment, organic and conventional food wash enhancers, data management, precise calibration with known solutions and a customer service partnership that together mitigate cross contamination, improve wash line efficiency, and save time and money, according to the release.



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