Jun 15, 2022
Viva Fresh calls for participants in Clean Eating Challenge

The Texas International Produce Association (TIPA) is seeking participants for next year’s Clean Eating Challenge. This year, 11 participants completed the  third annual Viva Fresh Clean Eating Challenge which culminated at April’s Viva Fresh Expo in Dallas, Texas.

Since 2020, the Challenge has captured the attention of the produce industry as participants challenge themselves yearly to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their daily routines. As a welcome bonus, participants have lost more than 1,000 pounds in the three years of the challenge and have enjoyed even more positive side effects.

The challenge is not a diet or weight loss competition. The program is the start of a new way of life with a focus on personal wellness by asking participants to adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes eating fruits and vegetables and physically moving more. It is a catalyst for people to make meaningful, long-term changes, according to a news release..

“What TIPA offers through the challenge is the opportunity to regain control,” according to the release. “This isn’t necessarily about weight loss, though it can be. This is about taking control over what we put into our bodies, control over our health and control over making healthy decisions, such as eating more fruits and vegetables. This is ultimately what our industry is asking the world to do, so who better to set an example than us?”

In 2022, participants: Were more active: One participant reported more than 2.23 million steps, equaling more than 1,005 miles
• Incorporated many more servings of fruits and vegetables (the main pillar of the challenge)
• In certain cases decreased their blood pressure numbers by more than 20 points
• Came back into healthy cholesterol ranges
• Improved their sleep
• Lost over 360 pounds and hundreds of inches

The TIPA invites industry members to apply for this year’s challenge which will kicks-off in September and culminates at the April 1, 2023 Viva Fresh Expo in Dallas.

Spots are limited and chosen participants must meet the following criteria: Being a member of the produce industry; being able to express what is driving them to compete in the challenge; a willingness to share progress online up to the reveal at the Viva Fresh keynote; willing to commit to the six month challenge; and committing to engaging with mentors and peer groups on a weekly basis for the program’s duration.

Those interested in joining the challenge can apply by August 15. All chosen participants will receive mentorship and nutrition coaching. Upon meeting the given criteria throughout the challenge, they will also be eligible to win a grand prize. This year, the prize was a Tonal smart home gym sponsored by Catania Worldwide and awarded at the Viva Fresh Expo through a random drawing.

“I lost 20 pounds during the challenge, but I gained so much more: confidence, friendship, better quality sleep, and ultimately, the passion to keep making healthy changes and support others trying to do the same,” Beth Keeton, founder & CEO of Elephant House PR and this year’s drawing winner, said in the release. “Winning the Tonal home gym was a surprise blessing that I’m excited to use as I continue my health journey. I’m so grateful to Catania for sponsoring the giveaway, along with all other sponsors that invested in our health.”

As a former personal trainer with a lifelong love for fitness and health, Matt Catania, Catania’s vice president of sales, said in the release that he’s proud his company aligns itself with the challenge. “I came back to the family business five years ago and love that thanks to TIPA and the Clean Eating Challenge, our company can be a small part of making a difference for our industry friends that are looking to improve their own lives,” he said in the release.

The Clean Eating Challenge is a Viva Fresh Expo sponsorship opportunity. Those interested in becoming sponsors can contact Hector Garza at [email protected] for more information. More information on the Clean Eating Challenge can be found at vivacleaneating.com.

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