Oct 8, 2008
Chateau herbicide registered

Through a series of new registrations and expanded label updates, more growers across a variety of specialty crops will be able to use Chateau herbicide to control their tough weeds next season.

Valent U.S.A. Corporation’s Chateau is now registered for use in alfalfa, asparagus, highbush blueberries, dry beans, garlic, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts and numerous other tree nuts in California and other states (New York registration is pending).

The new registrations, many of which are supported by IR-4, join Chateau’s already extensive list of registered crops, including grapes, stone and pome fruit, almonds, potato, mint, onions and western cotton. In addition to the new crop uses, Chateau’s rotational flexibility offers growers a broad range of plant-back choices.

Chateau contains the active ingredient flumioxazin, a PPO inhibitor that binds to the soil and has low water solubility. Chateau stays where it is applied and will not leach or “lift off” by co-distillation or volatilization to harm crops in adjacent fields.

Chateau’s low leaching potential makes it a great choice for long residual control of problem weeds in groundwater protection areas. Additionally, Chateau is formulated as a water dispersible granule and, therefore, VOC-free.

The pre-emergence herbicide is widely known for long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of more than 90 annual weeds, including tough-to-control weeds such as morningglories, nightshades, pigweeds, lambsquarters, mallow/cheeseweed, marestail, fleabane, smallflower morningglory, cutleaf eveningprimrose, swinecress, henbit, chickweed and annual grasses.

Chateau is part of a growing line of products from Valent U.S.A. For more information, call 800-6-VALENT (682-5368), or visit www.valent.com.

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