Sep 29, 2021
Complete transition by early October set for NEWA 3.0

After four years of intensive planning and development, the New York State IPM Program announced that NEWA 3.0 will make its final transition on or around Oct. 1.

The final steps have involved many months of website beta testing, training, resource development, and behind-the-scenes work. There is no perfect time to make this transition, but the NEWA team is ready to support you.

We know you have many questions and maybe some concerns about making the transition from the old NEWA 2.0 to NEWA 3.0. We have been working very hard to develop training resources to address this need. We recommend that you watch the NEWA Quickstart videos below. You can pause or rewind to walk through each step at your own pace. Please note that a NEWA 3.0 Profile Account is not required, but strongly recommended. You can save settings, biofixes, and more by doing so.

During the month of October, Quickstart Tutorials for every NEWA 3.0 model will be updated to provide a quick overview of navigation and key features. For a complete list visit the Website Support page of the Website Support page of the NEWA 3.0 Knowledge Base.
Additional support

Reach out to  at any point to ask questions, report a bug, or share ideas and concerns. Dan Olmstead, NEWA Coordinator, or a colleague will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and support during this important transition.

Robert Crassweller, professor of horticulture, Penn State University; and Dan Olmstead,



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