Nov 30, 2020
Enza Zaden launches first variety of white asparagus

Dutch vegetable breeder Enza Zaden has introducesd its first asparagus variety on the European market: the white Daleza F1 (E225W.004).

Michel Neefs of the Enza Zaden breeding team talks about the development of Daleza.

For Enza Zaden, the asparagus market is a new market in which the company is active. After years of development and testing in field fields, the new asparagus variety Daleza (E225W.004) is the first variety to be launched by Enza Zaden. But how did Daleza come about?

Michel: ”Enza Zaden’s wish to also participate in the asparagus market was very clear to the R&D and Sales departments. We have clearly mapped out where a new hybrid variety can add something extra to the market. The starting point for breeding is therefore always listening to the wishes of the market. Growers have to deal with this on a daily basis and therefore know what customers are asking for. So we looked for improvements in terms of uniformity, earliness and a variety that should fit well in keeping labor costs manageable.

Daleza financially interesting

Paul Huijs, sales manager at Enza Zaden: “The benefits of Daleza are diverse. In the trials we looked at, among other things, earliness, quality and average stem weight and linked this to the financial aspects such as weekly prices and harvest costs. Because Daleza is early in production and immediately has a high stem weight, this immediately yields financial benefits for the grower. Daleza has a strong and open crop, which ensures good recovery capacity. ”

Expertise at Enza Zaden

Sales Director for Germany and France, Christof Flörchinger, said, “We may be new to the asparagus market, but we are leading when it comes to breeding. We have extensive knowledge of the technical aspect in breeding, we know how the market works and we understand the wishes of our customers. ”

Flörchinger emphasizes that this is the perfect combination to promote the supply of asparagus on the market. “Daleza is the result of traditional breeding methods. Enza Zaden uses the most modern breeding technologies and can therefore also use its broad expertise from other crops to quickly create a broad foundation within the breeding of asparagus, ” he said. “On the other hand, we have specialists who understand and know the asparagus market through and through.”

The consumer and the asparagus

Production of the mid-early to early harvest Daleza will be rolled out primarily in the German, BeNeLux and French markets.

Christof Flörchinger: “Asparagus is a very popular product in the German and Dutch kitchen. Consumers go to great lengths to buy this special vegetable fresh and it is characteristic that a lot is bought “ab hof” or “directly from the farmer”. With Daleza we respond well to this because this variety has a good taste and is also available early in the season. As a result, people will come back to ask about the same race again. In short, Daleza promises to be a good addition to the range of asparagus and a nice addition to the Enza Zaden crops. ”

Enza Zaden is a global player in the field of vegetable breeding and seed production, with activities in 25 countries and headquarters in the Netherlands.

The company is successful in various open field and fruit crops and breeds in total more than 30 crops.

Vitalis Organic Seeds is the certified organic seed division of Enza Zaden.


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