Aug 27, 2018
Hazel trials technology with melon shippers

Hazel Technologies, a produce storage company with USDA, recently wrapped up a trial season with Dan Andrews Farms, a third-generation melon grower in San Joaquin Valley, California. With more than 30 years of experience growing melons, Dan Andrews Farms tested the Hazel Melon product this season in export containers to Hong Kong with excellent arrival results.

Originally specializing in protecting quality of honeydew melons, Hazel has now developed technologies for cantaloupe varieties and specialty mixed melons that increase product marketability and help prevent fungal growth for fruit in transport for several weeks. Earlier this season, Dan Andrews Farms sent trial containers of melons with Hazel Melon to Hong Kong with positive feedback from customers.

“Asia is collectively the United States’ second largest market for export fresh fruits behind Canada, so it is crucial that U.S. crops arrive at optimal freshness and are able to maintain that quality,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO and co-founder of Hazel Technologies.

Hazel products condition the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate and increase resistance to ethylene, which protects fresh produce throughout the supply chain.

Farm owner Dan Andrews said in a statement from Hazel he was thrilled to “consider expanding our export program with better control of product arrivals.”

Above: Pat Flynn, Hazel Technologies and Dan Andrews, Dan Andrews Farms


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