Jun 13, 2022
National Watermelon Promotion Board: Eat the rind!

This month, the National Watermelon Promotion Board launched its largest consumer-focused campaign of the year, Use the Whole Watermelon.

The campaign is designed to focus on the taste, health, economic and sustainable benefits of a watermelon, inside and out. According to the board’s consumer research, only 18% of consumers use the whole watermelon, and less than 40% of respondents know the rind is edible. Watermelon is 100% edible, flesh, juice, rind – and even the green skin!

National Watermelon Promotion Board

To get the message out that watermelon is not only a healthy and wallet-friendly choice at only 16 cents per serving, but also a sustainable one, multiple activations will bring the Use the Whole Watermelon program to life, including a new digital hub, social media promotions, “How To” live/premiere videos, ad streaming, influencer partner shares and content syndication. In addition, a suite of new creative assets will support the campaign, including recipe and selection photography and video.

Retail components include a full-page advertorial and custom e-newsletter with a quick-response code. All campaign elements will point to the new Use the Whole Watermelon landing page on Watermelon.org, accessible through UseTheWholeWatermelon.com. The interactive microsite is a one-stop resource for everything about using the whole watermelon and includes:

  • An interactive watermelon “butchery” tutorial, with videos like “how to cut and use the rind,” “how to juice” and “how to use a melon baller.”
  • Curated recipes that share refreshing and delicious inspiration for all parts of the watermelon.
  • Tips and tricks for food prep.
  • Gamification of food waste footprint tracker allowing users to calculate how much food waste they can save by using the entire watermelon.
  • A call for consumers to pledge to Use the Whole Watermelon and enter the summer sweepstakes.

Throughout the campaign, the promotion board will encourage watermelon fans to pledge to Use the Whole Watermelon because it is a sustainable choice that reduces food waste – minimizing the negative impacts on the environment.

Consumers that pledge and share why will have access to download branded digital “I Pledged” stickers and will be entered for a chance to win weekly watermelon prizes. Those consumer entries will be captured and designed into special social posts quoting the best of the best pledges to be shared across social channels, amplifying and inspiring audiences to use the whole watermelon. Leveraging user generated content and stories is just one way that the NWPB can amplify the messaging, and also cultivate a community of consumers who love watermelon in all shapes and forms.


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