Aug 3, 2018
Plantlogic launches container product for hydroponic vegetables

Plantlogic has debuted a new container product designed to house high-density plantings of hydroponic veggies and berries.

These containers or pots are designed to help the producer to have a better management and performance of their crop. The innovative variety of Plantlogic pots allows producers to maximize the production and yield of crops such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aromatic herbs, flowers and more.

“Our team has traveled to farms in America, Asia and Europe to learn more about the unique needs of each region. Whether it’s with a producer in Mexico or an agronomist on his trial plot in California, we talk and are constantly looking for innovation in the ways of designing products and revolutionizing agriculture,” said Israel Holby, director of Plantlogic.

Characteristics of Plantlogic products

Specialized legs: Plantlogic pots have specialized, wide legs which keep the plants and roots isolated from the soil and prevent the roots of the plant from having contact with possible pathogenic organisms. This enables a better water management and fertilization and also prevents heavy plants from sinking into soft ground.

Pyramidal base and drainage pits: By forcing the drainage to the sides and outside of the pot there is an oxygen entrance through the bottom, making the root self-pruning and optimizing its humidity control. Also, it enables a greater efficiency in transport and storage.

Another great advantage of these pots is that no waste is generated as compared to using non-reusable bags.

Photo: PlantLogic

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