Apr 1, 2008
Reason Restrictions Reduced

Growers looking for top-of-the-line disease control have greater flexibility in 2008, thanks to significantly reduced plant-back restrictions for Reason 500 SC fungicide from Bayer CropScience. Beginning this season, any crop on the expanded Reason label may be planted immediately following the last application of Reason. Strawberries or wheat may be planted within 30 days, and sugarbeets within seven months after last applications of Reason.

In-field use and research trials show Reason provides consistently outstanding control of tough diseases, including:

. Downy mildew, leaf spot and white rust in brassica and cole vegetables

• Downy mildew and purple blotch in onions

• Cavity spot in carrots

• Pythium damping off in cotton

• Downy mildew and leaf spot in cucurbits

• Downy mildew, white rust and celery late blight in leafy vegetables

• Early blight, late blight, white rust and suppression of black dot in potatoes

• Early blight and late blight plus suppression of Septoria leaf spot and Phytophthora blight in fruiting vegetables

Reason is a locally systemic, fast-acting foliar fungicide that stops disease development at more stages in the disease life cycle. It also acts against both the direct and indirect germination cycles of many key diseases for more effective and reliable control.

The active ingredient, fenamidone, acts by disrupting electron transport in the pathogen’s mitochondria, which stops diseases before they develop in the leaf tissue. This preventive activity, combined with a strong antisporulent effect, halts disease before it can spread to healthy leaf tissue.

After application, Reason penetrates leaf tissue with translaminar movement to protect both the treated and untreated sides of the leaf. The product also protects new growth because it has very quick uptake within the plant and is locally systemic within the leaf tissue, which helps prevent both the development and progression of diseases in the field.

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