May 12, 2023
UNH adds Extension entomologist, IPM specialist

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension has added Amber Vinchesi-Vahl as an entomologist and IPM state specialist in the university’s food and agriculture team.

Vinchesi-Vahl has spent the last several years as a vegetable crops advisor for the University of California Cooperative Extension where she developed a research and extension program for vegetable farmers and pest control advisers in northern California.

Amber Vinchesi-Vahl

Originally from Pepperell, Massachusetts, Vinchesi-Vahl is looking forward to moving back to New England and working with local farmers and diversified cropping systems, according to a news release. She earned a B.S in Entomology from Purdue University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Entomology from Washington State University.

Vinchesi-Vahl’s goal is to develop resources around IPM design and implementation, provide expertise on insect pest management and build relationships with New Hampshire producers.

She wants to understand the entomology issues facing New Hampshire growers, including invasive species, and will work toward increased adoption of IPM practices. Vinchesi-Vahl’s goal is to contribute to identification, monitoring and management of invasive and endemic insect pests and to develop IPM field demonstrations.

“Vinchesi-Vahl is passionate about entomology and agriculture and helping growers find sustainable pest management solutions through IPM,” the release stated. “Amber has worked with farmers in multiple cropping systems in California and the Pacific Northwest. She is excited to bring her experience and knowledge back home.”

As the State Specialist for Entomology and IPM, Vinchesi-Vahl is looking forward to collaborating with New Hampshire growers and partner agencies on insect pest management and IPM to preserve and improve agricultural production in the state, according to the release.

“Amber really impressed our search committee during the interview process with her depth of Extension experience, breadth of experience in both entomology and agriculture more generally and her clear desire to work in the field and in New Hampshire,” Heather Bryant, search committee chair and UNH Extension fruit & vegetable production field specialist, said in the release. “We’re very excited to see where she takes the program.”

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