Jan 9, 2018
Vegalab has all-natural Mildew Control product

Palm Beach, Florida-based Vegalab has introduced its reformulated Mildew Control product. Mildew Control is a natural geraniol based pesticide that uses this essential plant oil in a formulation which, is both curative and preventative against downy mildew, and many forms of powdery mildew, on a wide variety of crops. The new formulation doubles the dilution ratio to as high as 2,500:1, with no decrease in efficacy.

The company said the improved dilution ratio reduces the cost per application by almost half, making Vegalab’s Mildew Control cost competitive with other manufacturers’ mildew control products, while providing efficacy and environmentally friendly attributes.

David Selakovic, CEO of Vegalab said, “Mildew is a serious problem in multiple crops throughout the world.  Primarily we see a huge opportunity in the berry, tomato, fresh vegetable and the grape markets. Our Mildew Control provides excellent mildew suppression, even during periods of peak infection, while eliminating the concern of flaccid berries caused when using our competitors’ materials currently on the market. With our new pricing and proven efficacy, we expect to see rapid acceptance among grape growers for our new formulation, and a corresponding increase in future sales of the product.   This new formulation is an example of Vegalab’s innovation, as well as our commitment to constantly improve our natural, environmentally friendly product line.”

The improved Mildew Control formulation and its benefits were made possible using nanotechnology and advanced adjuvants. The product is a liquid formulation that is applied to plants as a foliar spray. It is EPA-approved under FIFRA Section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide.

Vegalab is a distributor in North and South America of a line of all-natural, biologically derived pesticides, fertilizers and specialty agricultural products.  The company said Vegalab’s pesticides are highly effective against targeted organisms, non-toxic to beneficial organisms and safe for the environment.  

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