Crop Management

Low tunnels show good results for strawberries

June-bearing (short-day) strawberries are a high-value crop, but their brief harvest season severely limits the window of opportunity for making a profit. At most, with a combination of cultivar an... more

Quebec berry growers tout innovative approaches

One of the leading horticulture researchers in Canada hosted a farm stop during the North American Strawberry Growers Association’s (NASGA) summer tour. Gr... more

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Lipman grows into largest U.S. operation

Max Lipman cultivated his first tomato fields in south Florida more than 80 years ago. He had no idea that his small operation would one day become th... more »

Ocean Mist Farms adds value to artichokes

Virtually every type of fruit and vegetable has been processed into a value-added product in recent years, as growers and processors rush to meet the ... more »

Drip irrigation frees up more land for Idaho growers

Onion growers are continuing to increase their reliance on drip irrigation in southwest Idaho, according to Mike Thornton, the superintendent of the S... more »

Genome sequencing furthers knowledge of pathogen

The various species of bacteria in the genus enterobacter may be painfully familiar to you. Enterobacter cloacae, the best known of the genus, is a ca... more »

Soil … it’s more than dirt

Soil is a living, breathing organism that, when properly managed, is a farm's best defense against an environmental disaster and a farm's best offense... more »

Plan ahead before planting crops on marginal land

A fairly common situation involves a landowner wishing to establish crops on unprepared, marginal land. Owner goals vary widely, and often include pro... more »

Father, son carry on Massachusetts family heritage

When Mario Marini talks about farming, he talks about his heritage - and about the farm's future."My parents worked hard to give me what I have, and I... more »

Enza’s new bell pepper, Eazyleaf varieties hold promise for farmers

The biggest challenge processors and growers face when it comes to growing bell peppers and other row crops, like lettuce, is producing high-yielding ... more »

Pumpkin production up

Pumpkins belong to the cucurbitaceae family, which also includes cucumbers, squash, gourds, cantaloupes and watermelons. They grow best on soils with ... more »

What is your soil’s cation exchange capacity?

What is your CEC? Don't take this as a personal question, but it is an important soil characteristic growers need to know and understand. CEC is short... more »

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