Oct 1, 2020
Pesticide license renewal process streamlined in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s (CDA) Pesticide Applicator Program is enhancing the efficiency and ease of its licensing and renewal process through a new online Pesticide Applicator Licensing System.

Colorado was one of only a few states in the nation to ensure pesticide applicator testing and continuing education courses have remained available to the pesticide applicator industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online portal will serve Commercial Applicator businesses, Limited Commercial and Public Applicator registrations, and individual Qualified Supervisor, Certified Operator, and Private Applicator licensees. 

The system requires all licensure documents, which are available for download during the online licensing process, to be uploaded or emailed at the time of the application or renewal.  All electronic documents must be submitted in either a PDF or JPEG format. Paper applications or renewals will no longer be accepted, however, exceptions can be requested in instances where applicators are unable to access the online system. 

Licensees will continue to receive notification prior to license expiration; please do not submit a renewal application until notified, as early submissions will be rejected.

For more information about the CDA’s online Pesticide Applicator Licensing System, Please contact Michael Rigirozzi, Pesticide Applicator Coordinator, at 303-869-9063.

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