Mar 22, 2018
Pickle processor Hausbeck invests in new packaging

Hausbeck Pickle Company of Saginaw, Michigan plans to invest in new machinery and equipment to package products in a stand-up pouch, with a helping grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).

At a March 21 meeting, the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development voted to approve Food and Agriculture Investment Fund grants for food and agriculture projects in Michigan. The projects will help expand and grow companies in the processed meat, milk, vegetables, beer, and cider segments, as well as support the growth of innovative products that will lead to more efficient agricultural operations.

“One of the great things about these grant-supported projects is that they illustrate the limitless opportunities Michigan has to grow the food and ag industry and create jobs in rural areas,” said MDARD Director Gordon Wenk. “The Food and Agriculture Investment Fund grants are more than just an investment in business. They’re an investment in the state’s economy, its people, and its future.”

Hausbeck will receive a $50,000 performance-based grant for new machinery and equipment to package products in a stand-up pouch. The project will require an investment of $475,300 and will lead to the creation of 15 new jobs at its existing facility in Saginaw.

“These grants will have a significant impact on the ability of these Michigan companies to grow and innovate, as well as support their communities with jobs and local investment,” said Peter Anastor, Director of MDARD’s Agriculture Development Division. “We’re excited to watch these companies continue to grow, and we’re proud to help accelerate their efforts, which will continue to strengthen Michigan’s economy and its reputation as a national leader in food and agricultural production.”

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