Feb 6, 2023
Cevya fungicide OK’d for strawberries in California

California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation is allowing BASF’s Cevya fungicide to be used on strawberries in the state.

“Cevya has been an innovative solution for many California growers, and we’re now pleased to offer it to more growers combating spring and summertime diseases in strawberries,” Jessica Samler, technical service representive at BASF, said in a news release.

According to BASF, Cevya fungicide offers growers benefits that include:

  • Cevya is the only isopropanol-azole fungicide that provides long-lasting disease control compared to traditional DMIs.
  • It is slowly released from the inner leaf reservoir to deliver dependable protection with longer disease-fighting properties than competitive products.
  • Cevya fungicide offers flexibility in managing complex diseases, even for resistant strains. It provides flexible application timing so growers can work around the unexpected aspects of weather, labor, equipment, irrigation and other factors.
  • Tested in fields across the country, Cevya is proven to be the most effective DMI fungicide for disease control in an array of California crops, including powdery mildew in strawberries.
  • Cevya is engineered to exceed stringent regulatory criteria.
  • The chemical structure of Cevya fungicide helps it stay ahead of disease resistance, reducing the likelihood of developing resistance in the future. The molecular flexibility of the isopropanol-azole link drives its ability to adjust and stay ahead of the evolution of fungal-pathogen resistance and control of DMI-resistant strains.

For more information, visit Cevya-Fungicide.com

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