Sep 23, 2020
Belchim USA’s TOUGH 5EC Herbicide Ok’d by EPA

Belchim Crop Protection USA (Belchim USA) has announced that TOUGH 5EC Herbicide, a fast-acting, selective contact herbicide, is now approved by the EPA for post-emergence broadleaf weed control in corn, mint and chickpeas.

With flexible application timing, TOUGH 5EC is most effective when used as part of an Integrated Weed Management Program. TOUGH 5EC is especially successful in controlling pigweeds, such as palmer amaranth, common waterhemp, kochia, common lambsquarters, black nightshade and marestail, including herbicide-resistant strains.

The long-awaited solution to combat herbicide-resistant weeds has come in the form of TOUGH 5EC’s active ingredient, pyridate, a proven chemistry that had been overlooked for years, but was recently brought back to the United States by Belchim USA. “We heard the concerns of growers across the United States, plagued by resistant and tough-to-kill weeds,” says Tom Wood GM for Belchim USA. “TOUGH 5EC helps those growers achieve up to 100% control of broadleaf weeds, increasing the quality and yield of their crops. We’re thrilled to offer a solution that brings peace of mind and revenue back to hardworking growers.”

Pyridate works by blocking a weed’s photosystem II process and triggers the release of toxic forms of oxygen causing rapid cell wall degradation. According to Dennis Long, National Technical Service and Development Manager for Belchim USA, “There are multiple combinations for use of TOUGH 5EC, whether producing a synergistic effect with HPPDs in corn, or as a desperately needed post-emergent solution in mint and chickpeas. Field trials have shown that pyridate’s mode of action increases weed control in herbicide-resistant weed populations by up to 30%, often achieving the 100% goal, and making this a vital tool for growers.”

In corn, growers continue to see increases in crop loss due to “superweeds” like palmer amaranth and common waterhemp that have shown resistance up to 7 herbicide classes – which include commonly-used herbicides like glyphosate and mesotrione. However, field trials at multiple universities have shown promising results when TOUGH 5EC is added to existing tank mix programs.

Prashant Jha, an Associate Professor and Extension Weed Specialist of Iowa State University, indicated that a tank mix of pyridate, mesotrione and glyphosate applied to glyphosate and HPPD-resistant common waterhemp resulted in 95% weed control, just nine days after application. According to Jha, “With glyphosate, mesotrione, atrazine, plus TOUGH 5EC in the tank mix, we are seeing 95-100% control, so the growers would love to have TOUGH 5EC in their toolbox.”

TOUGH 5EC is also an extremely valuable post-emergent broadleaf herbicide to the mint industry. “To date, mint growers have not had an effective solution for resistant weeds and, in particular, there has been a lack of options for any post-emergence control products,” says Steve Salisbury, Mint Industry Research Council (MIRC) Research and Regulatory Coordinator. “Our growers are excited to have TOUGH 5EC at their disposal. Pyridate provides both effectiveness and crop safety that is urgently needed for the sustainability of the US mint industry.”

For additional information on the benefits and use of TOUGH 5EC, visit the Belchim USA website,



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