Sep 29, 2022
Biologicals market research project gains support

A comprehensive market research effort focused on understanding farmer opinions on biologicals at field-level continues to gain support from agriculture companies.

The research initiative, “Biologicals: Farmer Value, Perception and Potential,” kicked off this year and is conducted by Stratovation Group. New supporters of the effort are Evoia, The Biological Products Industry Alliance, Certis, AMVAC, Lalleman and Redox.

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“We think more good input from more players at the front end will help us gain better data and deeper insight throughout the study,” Cam Camfield, founder and CEO of the Stratovation Group, said in a news release. “And better data and insight will drive better planning and results for every organization involved.”

The six new participants join the Agricultural Retailers Association, DC Legislative and Regulatory Services and The Fertilizer Institute in benchmarking adoption and attitudes around farm use of biologicals and aid those seeking to grow and develop the market category. Earlier this summer, Meristem, BASF. Indigo and Pivot Bio joined the effort.

“I think it shows how fast ag biologicals are being developed and the great business value it represents to the industry of agriculture,” Camfield said in the release. “While there are other reports that may help in broad trend analysis, they lack the farmer voice. In contrast, our team is laser-focused on finding out more about the farmer experience and opinions at field-level.”

Camfield said that those interested in joining the project to produce the Biologicals: Farmer Value, Perception and Potential annual report can become a sponsoring partner and share in the findings, including the raw data.

“It’s good for us to have more voices involved to inform this study and there’s still room for more,” he said in the release. “We are gearing up for excellence and inviting any biological-focused company, startup, investor and others to join us.”
Those interested can contact Stratovation Group at


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