Jun 12, 2018
Coal-based substrate product produced in Poland  

Photos: CarboHort

Polish company Carbohort is producing ecological substrate products for soil and soil-free growing.

Carbohort’s substrate consists of soft brown coal. Brown coal consists of the organic substances such as humin, fulvic, hymatomelanic acids, humins, bitumen, mineral charcoal, lignin and cellulose, according to the company. Soft cuts of brown coal in the Carbohort substrate are used to improve the quality of soils, including light soils.

Carbohort substrate is fully biodegradable and it can be recycled after cropping. The substrate remains suitable for growing or it can become an organic fertilizer which can be used on every farm, e.g. to grow flowering plants, or in plant nurseries, or even to improve the poor mineral condition of light soils. The substrate is suitable for growing in the deserts where there is only have access to sand and water of a poor quality. Sand grains, mixed with the substrate, join humin acid and create the growing base. This base consists of the organic coal and analogically – of humus. The substrate created in this way has a water holding capacity. Thus, water can be effectively disposed of for watering.

Multiannual studies on the Carbohort substrate carried out in the Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice have showed that this substrate is highly suitable for soil-free, prolonged glass-house vegetables growing, according to the company. Research has shown favorable results for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and date palms.

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