Oct 30, 2019
Guelph Equinox asparagus officially launched in Europe

Global Plant Genetics has launched the Guelph Equinox asparagus variety in Europe. This took place during a presentation given by Jamie Petchell of GPG and Ken Wall of Fox Seeds, Canada at the International Asparagus Days event in Angers, France. The launch is the culmination of many years of in-depth trials and the first small-scale test plots across a range of territories.

Guelph Equinox was bred at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada and the seed production is handled by Fox Seeds. Global Plant Genetics has exclusive seed distribution rights to the variety in Europe and Russia. It is a key part of a new generation of asparagus hybrids that are taking green asparagus production to improved levels of performance.

Commenting on the launch, Jamie Petchell stated, “this day has taken some time to reach, but as a business, we are really excited to be bringing Guelph Equinox to a wider grower audience across Europe and Russia. Our commercial trial plots have delivered to the same standards as the initial small-scale scientific trials based at the breeding station. Guelph Equinox offers spear quality and uniformity to standards that are far beyond many existing types. In addition, the variety is early to harvest and delivers consistently high yields.”

Ken Wall continued, “Guelph Equinox is performing in Europe as well as we have seen it in a number of areas across North America and Canada. We’re excited to be working with GPG to allow access for European producers. As well as being part of Fox Seeds, I have personally grown commercial test areas of Guelph Equinox on my own farm and I will be planting more as the seed volumes have increased.”

Seed volumes of Guelph Equinox have been increased and the first commercial volumes will be delivered to asparagus plant nurseries early in spring 2020.

Global Plant Genetics keeps its asparagus audience updated on a specialist website – www.asparagusseeds.com.


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