Sep 21, 2017
Harvanta 50SL gives growers option for insect control

Summit Agro USA’s Harvanta 50SL insecticide has received EPA approval and is now available to U.S. vegetable growers for use on fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, leafy vegetables and brassica (cole) vegetables.

Diamondback moth. Photo: CSIRO

Containing the proprietary active ingredient Cylapryn, Harvanta 50SL is a new broad-spectrum diamide insecticide. Summit Agro USA said Harvanta 50SL has consistently demonstrated equal or superior control of the most troublesome insects in vegetables, compared to existing diamides and other classes of insecticides, including pests resistant to organophosphate, pyrethroid and carbamate insecticides. Trials show that it has excellent efficacy against Lepidoptera insects, including the Diamondback moth, a major economic pest in vegetables.


Harvanta 50SL provides this high level of control while using less active ingredient per acre as compared to other IRAC Group 28 insecticides.  It has an excellent safety profile with beneficial arthropods, the company stated

“We are proud to first bring this new chemistry to the United States,” said Fred Yates, product manager at Summit Agro USA. “We think vegetable growers will find multiple benefits. In addition to a broad spectrum of activity, it is fast acting with long residual control. Harvanta has also shown excellent larvicidal activity, with adulticidal activity in many insect species. It is an excellent addition to their Integrated Pest Management and Insect Resistance Management programs.”

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