Mar 16, 2021
Harvanta, Verdepryn insecticides now registered for use in California

Summit Agro USA has announced that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation has recently granted registration approval for two insecticides containing the active ingredient cyclapryn. These ground-breaking insecticides are Harvanta and Verdepryn.

These IRAC 28 insecticides provide California growers with new tools for broad spectrum control of chewing and sucking insects in high-value crops. Harvanta is labeled for leafy, fruiting and brassica (cole) vegetables along with cucurbits and strawberries. While Verdepryn is labeled for tree and fruit crops including pome fruit, stone fruit, grapes, berries, citrus and tree nuts.

“Both Harvanta and Verdepryn benefit from the activity of cyclapryn,” Eric Tedford, Summit Agro field R&D manager, said in a news release. “They are diamide insecticides that offer a control spectrum that is competitive with, or better than, most other diamide insecticides. For some pests, Harvanta and Verdepryn provide adulticidal and larvicidal activity. In addition, Harvanta and Verdepryn are fast-acting with long residual control.”

“Growers will find the Summit Agro website a great resource with labels and technical information on our products,” Tedford said.

The website can be found here.

Cyclapryn, Harvanta and Verdepryn are inventions and registered trademarks of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. and are manufactured and developed by ISK Biosciences Corp.

Summit Agro USA LLC, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, is focused on working with our partners to identify, develop and deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of growers across the United States. The company’s products are available exclusively from Helena Agri-Enterprises and Tenkoz member companies.


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