Dec 20, 2021
Rainbow Plant Food purchased by Timac Agro USA

Timac Agro USA, a global specialist in innovation for high-efficiency plant nutrition, announced it has completed the acquisition of Rainbow Plant Food, based in Americus ,Georgia, from Nutrien Ltd.

This strategic acquisition will allow Timac Agro USA to locally manufacture its most renowned patented granular technologies to serve American growers in their quest for productivity and profitability. Rainbow Fertilizers will continue to offer the Super Rainbow, Rainbow and International Rainbow grades and operate as an independent brand within the Timac Agro USA portfolio.

“Rainbow is iconic and tied to the land, as the hometown brand of the family farmer. This brand recognition is invaluable and the ability to maintain and continue its legacy is critical for our future endeavors,”Alex Goullier, chief executive officer, Timac Agro USA, said in a news releae. “Keeping the Rainbow brand consistent will allow our relationship with dealers and farmers to grow even more due to Rainbow’s historical footprint in the Cotton Belt and the Southeast. Timac Agro USA has been largely successful in this geographical area as well, because of the work of our agronomic technical consultants on the farm, partnering with growers and retailers at the local level, to help ensure productivity and success.”

Rainbow is an important piece of Timac Agro USA’s growth strategy.

“Besides adding the Rainbow brands to our portfolio, this addition will allow us to manufacture some of our most innovative granular technologies, such as NutriRhize and, in the future, Sulfammo, here in the United States.” Goullier said. “Rainbow will become the first Timac Agro granulation unit in the country, among 14 other NPK granulation manufacturing facilities we have around the world.”

Timac Agro USA has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic solutions that improve agricultural performance while respecting the environment. As a subsidiary of the Roullier Group, Timac Agro USA currently markets and distributes a portfolio of 60+ patented technologies for plant nutrition in 30 states.

The company’s U.Ss headquarters is located in Reading, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit

Set up in 1959 and active in plant nutrition, animal nutrition and the food industry, Groupe Roullier can rely on its industrial and technical expertise, its sales force and its policy of sustained innovation to respond to its customers’ specific requirements.

Groupe Roullier, which now has 8,500 employees, has kept its financial independence, while supporting an ambitious development policy. Groupe Roullier now markets its solutions in 131 countries and has generated consolidated revenues of €2 billion.

For more information, visit

Nutrien is the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, playing a role in helping growers increase food production in a sustainable manner. It produces and distribute s27 million tons of potash, nitrogen and phosphate products worldwide.

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