Feb 11, 2022
UbiQD shares new case studies for greenhouse light optimization

UbiQD, Inc., a New Mexico-based deep tech company specializing in nanomaterials innovation, announced Feb. 11 that it has released new plant trial data and launched a new website for its greenhouse industry-focused brand.

UbiGro incorporates UbiQD’s quantum dot technology to create a new layer of light in a greenhouse that enables growers to create a more optimal spectrum of light. The new website, https://UbiGro.com, allows customers to learn more about the technology, review the latest data, and connect with a team of experts.

“UbiGro represents a revolution in the controlled environment agriculture industry, and is disruptive for energy-intensive horticultural lighting,” Hunter McDaniel, UbiQD CEO, said in a news release. “We’re proud to offer our customers and collaborators a user-friendly website that helps them understand how our technology works for them, with a host of new case studies to support the value proposition.”

UbiGro has been retrofitted into more than 30 unique greenhouse sites in seven U.S. states and seven foreign countries. Customers currently trialing UbiGro for cannabis alone have over 4.3 million square feet of greenhouse crop canopy. After installing UbiGro, owners saw:

  • Up to +21% improved tomato production
  • Up to +13% enhanced lettuce weight
  • Up to +28% strawberry production
  • Up to +16% boost in dry trimmed cannabis yield
  • Up to +21% more flower clusters in geraniums

To read more, including customer anecdotes and payback time analysis, please visit the case studies section of the new site. UbiQD also recently announced progress with its quantum dot glass-based solar window technology, and several new key hires.

“There are more than 1.3 million acres of greenhouse growing space worldwide. Our goal is to help support these growers,” said Eric Moody, director of marketing and sales. “Every time the sun is above the horizon, UbiGro is activated and working to maximize productivity and profits.”


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