Sweet corn

Vegetables coming to market despite drought

Vegetable growers seem to be holding their own, despite what many are describing as the worst drought since the days of the Dust Bowl.While some areas were seeing a diminished crop in July, farmers' market... more »

Herbicide-tolerant crops spark concerns

In 2008, Dave Simmons' neighbor applied 2,4-D on a windy day.He shouldn't have been spraying. The herbicide drifted onto a 2-acre block of Simmons' grapevines, stunting their growth and hurting yields for the next two... more »

Bayer Cropscience acquires Abbott & Cobb watermelon and melon seeds

Bayer CropScience announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase the watermelon and melon seed business of Abbott & Cobb Inc., a privately-held seed company headquartered in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, USA. The acquisition will... more »

Idaho grower builds 48-row onion planter

Bigger is better - at least when it comes to planting onions and drip irrigation. That's what Russell Frisby has determined since he started growing onions in western Idaho's Treasure Valley.When Frisby, manager of Frisby... more »

New president wants to strengthen grower, buyer connections

Drawing on his own experience, the new president of the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association plans to use his new position to help the state's vegetable growers make more connections with buyers.Brian Campbell was elected president... more »

McDonald’s kicks off ‘From Michigan For Michigan’ initiative

By Kathy GibbonsEditorial DirectorAl Dietrich didn't get a lot of sleep last night.The Conklin, Mich., grower had to be up and at his family's Dietrich Orchards' packing facility by 4:15 a.m. today in preparation for... more »

Avian Control receives EPA approval

Avian Control bird repellent has received EPA approval to be used in agriculture on cherries, blueberries, grapes, apples, stone fruit and sweet corn. It may be sprayed or fogged onto targeted crops to dramatically reduce... more »

Early warm weather worries growers

States across the Midwest and East Coast were experiencing warmer-than-normal temperatures earlier this year. In March alone, average temperatures were 15˚ F to 20˚ F higher than normal, according to The Weather Channel.History in the... more »

MSU closing Muck Soils Research Farm

Like other land-grant institutions, Michigan State University (MSU) is experiencing a budget crunch. For that reason, officials are taking a hard look at the university's statewide network of 15 agricultural research stations, said Steve Pueppke,... more »

Pest management options for sweet corn growers

Management of lepidopteran insect pests of sweet corn in New York state is changing.Tools not practical or in existence a few years ago are now widely available, including new insecticide chemistries and cutting-edge Bt biotechnology.... more »

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