Sep 25, 2022
Biome Makers presents biofertilizer research on tomatoes

Biome Makers is presenting a free web seminar on the use of biofertilizers, featuring a study on their use on tomatoes at the University of Almeria in Spain.

The webinar is at 3 p.m. Central, Sept. 28. Registration is online.

Panelists will discuss the use of biofertilizers and how they can reduce the use of traditional synthetic fertilizers. Project leader Raul Ortega Perez, from the University of Almeria Department of Agronomy, and Biome Makers European Union agronomists Ifigenia Urbina and Juan Carlos Crespo Rivas will discuss research results during the webinar.

Topics include:

  • Implantation of plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB)
  • Fertilizing effects from nitrogen fixers, phosphorus and potassium solubilizers
  • Fertilizing effect in terms of production and quality of the fruits
  • Economic benefits of the use of PGPB
  • Microbiological analyses of biofertilizers

The results from the research showed a one-third increase in the number of tomatoes with a larger size, and a 52% increase in economic yields, according to Biome Makers.

“The project provides clear research and discovery to encourage growers to transition from intensive agriculture with a large focus on ag input application to more sustainable and regenerative agriculture,” according to a news release.

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