Mar 23, 2018
Fungicide for powdery mildew introduced by Nichino America

Nichino America  has introduced Gatten, a new fungicide for powdery mildew control in grapes and other crops.  Nichino and OAT Agrio Co., Ltd., the discoverer and manufacturer of Gatten, have reached an agreement for Nichino America to market and sell Gatten in the United States and Canada.

Flutianil, the active ingredient in Gatten, has specific activity against the fungal diseases that cause powdery mildew.  This novel fungicide offers a new mode-of-action for powdery mildew that has no known cross resistance to other classes of chemistry.

According to Nichino America, Gatten will initially be registered for use on apples, cantaloupes, cherries, cucumbers, grapes, squash, and strawberries.  The product has been classified as a reduced risk pesticide for satisfying one or more of the reduced risk criteria which include low impact on human lower toxicity to non-target organisms, low potential for groundwater contamination, low use rates, and compatibility with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

“This new product allows Nichino to broaden the company’s portfolio while continuing to focus on specialty crops,” said Ian Wildey, senior Manager of marketing.  “We are excited to add a novel fungicide to our product lineup while offering an excellent rotational tool for resistance management to growers.” 

The first market introduction of Gatten in the U.S. is expected late spring 2018.                                                       

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