Jan 5, 2021
Fusarium wilt of lettuce study under way in Arizona

The Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) is coordinating a project to examine the population structure of the fusarium wilt of lettuce (Fusarium oxysporium f.sp. lactucae) in Arizona.

“We are collecting samples from 50 locations in the Yuma growing region for this project. Fusarium isolated from these samples will be tested to determine if they are all Race 1, or if a new race is present. Isolates will also be evaluated using molecular methods to further define relatedness of the population. We need your help identifying lettuce fields representing the Yuma growing region for the Winter/Spring 2021 sample collection. Information provided will not be shared or published.”

If you have a lettuce field that currently has fusarium wilt, or a field that has a history of fusarium wilt that will be planted with lettuce this year, please contact Stephanie Slinski, YCEDA Associate Director of Applied Research and Development, at [email protected] for more details and to coordinate sample collection.

Lettuce field with fusarium wilt. Photo: University of Arizona

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