Aug 5, 2022
Inteligistics brings real-time info on field trucks and product

Inteligistics, which has built a suite of smart digital products to monitor and improve efficiency for logistics, supply chain and cold chain management for companies producing and selling perishable products, now brings their technology solutions to bear on a common chokepoint in cold storage facility operations.

“Whether it’s because of traffic in a yard, or facilities not ready to load or unload when a truck arrives, a truck that is not moving, is not making money for the grower or shipper or the end customer,” Rao Mandava, Inteligistics chairman and president, said in a news release. “Our InteliDock product has led to tremendous improvements for outbound logistics, but our customers were telling us they were still losing productivity from inbound field trucks waiting to unload and return to the field where harvest crews were ready to load them again.”

The problem is exacerbated by the current shortage of truck drivers and the regulatory limitations on how many hours drivers can work. In response, Inteligistics has just released a new field truck monitoring system, InteliField, that combines wireless sensors, IoT Smart Hubs, data aggregation and simple dashboard reporting to give yard and facility managers real-time visibility to field truck status, product information, and location.

Combined with InteliDock, access to this information limits truck wait times, reduces yard traffic, limits bottlenecks and gets fresh, perishable products out of the heat and into the cooler and beyond faster. These two systems, which work together or independently depending on facility needs, can also digitally interface with facility owner’s inventory management and order fulfilment software systems to provide necessary product and labor visibility, and further expedite the movement of trucks and product in the supply chain.

“InteliDock, which monitors and manages how long a truck is queued or at a dock door for loading as well as truck loading times, helps companies manage their warehouse, cold storage space and outbound logistics. This new product release, InteliField, is providing companies with similar tools to help manage their field trucks and incoming product,” Lawrence Mallia, project manager, said in the release. “Yard and dock door management are excellent examples of how digital tools and access to clear information are transforming even the most basic of supply chain operations and processes. Increasing throughput by just a few loads per day without adding equipment or manpower, helps ensure product freshness and improves ROI.”

InteliField and InteliDock are part of the suite of advanced and innovative digital technologies developed and effectively implemented by Inteligistics throughout the perishables industries for optimizing supply chain and cold chain efficiency, enhancing product quality and increasing profitability. These solutions provide the bookends to digitizing the grower-shipper’s supply chain, thus creating opportunity to realize tremendous benefits related to digitization of supply chain and digital transformation.

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