Jul 14, 2011
Maryland market feeling good about the future

Emily’s Produce is a family owned and operated produce market in Dorchester County, Md. Paul and Kelly Jackson started the business in 1999, under a roadside tent.

The business kept expanding over the years. The Jacksons named the market after their daughter, Emily, whom they wanted to bring into farming so she would appreciate the work that is put into growing and raising crops.

Paul Jackson is a fifth-generation grain farmer who is always looking to expand their products and business. He is committed to adding something new to his market every year. One of the market’s biggest draws is strawberries, but Kelly said sweet corn brought them to where they are now.

“Emily’s Produce has grown into a family friendly business whose goal is to provide the best customer service and produce the best quality products,” Kelly said. “We have a great team committed to providing only the best. Customers are always given information on all of the products, such as when they were grown and picked.”

Emily’s Produce does both u-pick and agritourism. There are u-pick pumpkins, strawberries, gourds and blueberries. The owners don’t charge admission for agritourism activities. There are free wagon rides and a children’s play area named after their youngest son, Kyle. Since the business was named after his older sister, they decided to name the play area Kyle’s Farm Fun.

Emily’s Produce now has three locations, which has expanded the customer base. It also has a free delivery service, Kelly said.

There are many obstacles to face when you own and operate a farm. Their crops, however, are looking good this year, Kelly said.

With three locations, fresh produce, delicious farm-made desserts and agritourism attractions, the Jacksons are feeling pretty good about their future.

“Emily’s Produce is doing well and is committed to providing only the freshest, most delicious produce to its customers,” Kelly said.

By Taylor Ostman, VGN Intern

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