Why Buy Local?

My wife had just finished up her latest semester in college, and we decided to celebrate. It was a dark, gloomy night in December, but there was no stopping us crazy kids from a wild... more »

Brussels Sprouts Relaxed Rules for Fruits and Vegetables

Oddly shaped asparagus, crooked cucumbers and gnarly carrots will no longer be banned from grocers' shelves in the European Union, following a relaxation last week of EU standards governing the appearance of fruits and vegetables.... more »

UK Asparagus Grower Extends His Season

Extending the season for fresh asparagus production in the United States would be of great benefit to the industry, from efficiencies of scale all the way to marketing. A United Kingdom grower has been experimenting... more »

Chateau herbicide registered

Through a series of new registrations and expanded label updates, more growers across a variety of specialty crops will be able to use Chateau herbicide to control their tough weeds next season. Valent U.S.A. Corporation's... more »

Arbuckle Farmers Find Green in Purple Asparagus

In some families, traits skip a generation. In the case of Stan Cutter, whose great-grandparents were farmers in Fresno, the farming gene skipped three generations. Cutter now owns Cutter Asparagus Seed in Arbuckle, and runs... more »

Tomato Growers Take hit; Asparagus Growers get Money

A couple months ago, I wrote a story about all the hits Florida tomato growers have been taking lately. It ran on the front page of our June issue. The headline was "Florida tomato growers... more »

Farm Bill Passes, Specialty Crops get Bigger Piece

The House and Senate passed the 2008 Farm Bill by veto-proof margins in May, but President George W. Bush vetoed it anyway. But during the override process, it was discovered the president didn't veto the... more »

’Buy Local’ is More Than Just a Marketing Gimmick

If you're older than 50, you probably remember when "buy local" might have been a slogan you used if you were involved in a boycott of bananas, oranges and iceberg lettuce. Not that many years... more »

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