Idaho grower builds 48-row onion planter

Bigger is better - at least when it comes to planting onions and drip irrigation. That's what Russell Frisby has determined since he started growing onions in western Idaho's Treasure Valley.When Frisby, manager of Frisby... more »

Growers increase market share by shrinking onions

Georgia's Vidalia onion farmers have spent the last few growing seasons working to produce smaller versions of their prized onions, which are typically some of the largest onion varieties in the produce department."I've always thought... more »

Farmers’ market association educates consumers

One of the missions of the Colorado Farmers Market Association (CFMA) is to educate consumers across the state about the value of fresh, locally grown produce, said Annie Catura, current CFMA board president.In the wake... more »

China: Land of opportunity for U.S. agriculture

When USDA announced it would conduct a trade mission to China this year, James Elgart decided it would be a good idea to go along.As president of Portland, Ore.-based Far West Fruit, Elgart has been... more »

Knowing best applications for tunnels, greenhouses

When choosing between a high tunnel or a greenhouse, it might be difficult to decide which is a better fit.That led Andy McNitt, owner of McNitt Growers, Carbondale, Ill., to work with Devin Brown, a... more »

Products in the news

ABBA Ultra 0.3MANA Crop Protection recently introduced ABBA Ultra 0.3 miticide/insecticide, an advanced low-volatile organic compound formulation that provides insect and mite control.Labeled for use on cotton, tree nuts, grapes, citrus, pome fruits, strawberries and... more »

Some Alabama farmers cut back crops, citing crackdown

Some Alabama farmers say they are planting less produce rather than risk having tomatoes and other crops rot in the fields a second straight year because of labor shortages linked to the state's crackdown on... more »

Agraquest gets OK to expand use of Serenade Soil fungicide

Agraquest has been given the green light to use its Serenade Soil fungicide for control of Verticillium in California strawberries.Available in the U.S. for tomatoes, potatoes and melons since 2010, Serenade Soil has proved effective... more »

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